Do you remember our clients Kate & Dan – we told you about them when we viewed the pristinely presented house in Summertown and the not so wonderfully presented house in Headington – well, guess what? – we have just Exchanged on the one in Headington at a stonkingly good price – and completion is next week!  Negotiations have been tough, as following a survey there were even more points up for discussion but we knew that the property was sound and so right for our clients and worth the odd cliff hanging moment or four!  Dan and Kate are very excited and glad that they listen and took our advise about seeing through the mess and dirt – as they will come out of this with a beautiful home at a reasonable price – Yes – there is a large amount of work to be done but this will enable them to put their own mark on it and will end up with their forever home where they can bring up their little family (another one on the way, I was told yesterday!)

Our work and connection with the client will not end on day of Completion as we have been asked to oversee the refurbishment project for them and our first job will be a house and garden clearance and a jolly good clean, followed by a coat of white emulsion through out.  We will then work our way through the property and replace all bathrooms and the kitchen and will be enhancing the living space further by adding a large orangery to the rear of the kitchen which runs across the back of the house and this will lead out into the garden – which by the time we have finished with it, will be lovely!

House names – Yes – we all need a house number if we live in an urban or even a semi-rural area in order for the Emergency Services to be able to located us – but when it comes to selling a house – especially outside of a City – a name is a bonus!  So you are scanning through properties and you see one which you think would match your criteria – let us say this is 3 bedrooms 2 reception etc etc – but the address is 13 Gas Works Street – not perhaps very appealing? – so you carry on scanning down the lists – ah ha – you spy another which matches your needs in the same area – and the address of this one is Primrose Cottage 5 Acacia Close – that’s better!  Interesting I find – as we know “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”……..

I came across someone years ago who was having trouble selling their cottage – which was very pretty but only had a number – he paid the relevant fees and changed its name to Crown Cottage – it sold within 2 weeks.  Was this due to the name being added – my guess is that it was!

Naturally – there are rules! – you will not be allowed a new name that could conflict or cause confusion with another house in the locality. If you have a house number, then it is more restrictive. Numbers cannot be changed or deleted, although you may add a name to the existing street number without getting permission.
To change a house name you need to apply to your local council, who might charge an administration fee. The council will consult with Royal Mail to ensure there is no conflict, and once approved will provide a certificate of renaming and inform the Royal Mail, Land Registry, Electoral Registration, Council Tax and Planning Department.
You should also contact the Royal Mail to make sure their records are updated, and inform your utility companies, mortgage company, and emergency services including Doctor, as it can take up to 12 weeks for the various agencies to update their records.

Now – what shall we name our house, we are currently just a number………Seagull’s Rest perhaps?!  Oh – you don’t think that is suitable for semi-rural Oxfordshire – okay then – we will just stick with the number – it is an even one – that is good as apparently this can also makes a difference in the selling market!