No – we have not moved house! BUT – there are lakes and lakes – we have Swan Lake, The Lake District, and here in Oxfordshire, we have the Lake at Blenheim Palace – see above – which was created by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown between 1768 – 1771 and dug out by hand (probably not his own!),  then filled by building a dam across the flow of the River Glyme.

A few weeks ago we were also asked to find a lake – or rather a house with a lake – not a pond – but a lake.  Our client is from overseas and is in no hurry to buy and does not wish to take possession of anywhere until probably September 2018 – so we are able to take our time to source the right place, at the right time, at the right price – as this is our credo.

In addition to the lake, our client requires a house with a minimum of 12 bedrooms – staff accommodation and good space for entertaining, plus garaging for his unique vintage car collection.  He has a global company which he started many moons ago and has worked hard to make it the sucess it is today – the business involves IT and social media.   The property we find, will be used on a very regular basis but it will not be his prime residence and so the purpose of the purchase is to have somewhere to entertain international clients – and give them a taste of English Country Life.  He has already has been talking to our sister company – Solutions of Oxford. ( and will involve them in the running and organising of house parties and events.

A few months ago we mentioned on our FB page about a client we worked with towards the end of last year, contacting us back in May to say that they were not sure what to do with the few acres which was part of the property we had sourced for them on the Wiltshire/Dorset border – as due to their work commitments the original usage ideas of keeping some horses had been shelved, so had asked us to come up with a suggestion as to what they could do with the land  – and we did!

On part of the land, we suggested creating a traditional Dorset cider apple orchard using a wide range of indigenous heritage varieties – and as we are always thinking of ways for our clients to enhance their options – perhaps with a view to creating a family business of an artisan cider making option in the future……..

Planting is already underway now, following a great deal of really interesting research by ourselves, the team at our sister company – – and the client; to source  the real cider apple trees of Dorset with names to conjour with such as – Polly, Sheep’s Nose, Sweet Coppin, Woodbine and  Tom Putt – which is a good small tree, often dubbed a ‘cottage apple’, with knobbly red striped fruit which is a dual purpose variety for cooking or cider making and originated near Sherborne.  (I wonder what the real Tom Putt was like?) Spring bulbs and wild flowers will to be planted in early 2018 and the whole area is enclosed with traditional dry stone walls, which are the most ancient building technique in the world, the local ‘wallers’ as they are known,  use only natural stone and a walling hammer! They are artists in their field in our view. (They also love bacon butties on a Friday and lots of ‘Builder’s’ tea!)

To complete the picture, we also been in touch with the local beekeepers and on their advise of 3 or 4 hives per acre being the ideal, we will probably end up with around a total of ten hives which they will manage for us and so the orchard not only be productive for both man and nature and will become a haven of tranquillity for both nature and man…….

As you will see, our lives at Move Forward Relocation are diverse and interesting – we love what we do and are a fountain of knowledge – so if you need to find a new home to rent or buy – with or with out a lake! – or you need someone to project manage your renovation/development/redecoration – or source contractors and suppliers – we are the people with the little black book of networks and connections – so make Move Forward Relocation your first port of call.

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