There is a great deal more to moving house than moving house!  In our over 35 years experience of dealing with property, we have probably pretty well seen it all – and so as Move Forward is an innovative, forward thinking and flexible company – we have. as the years have gone by, changed and adapted our business model to take in the diverse needs, wants and trends of our client base in order that we continue to deliver a proactive and bespoke service.

According to our dear friend Mr Wikipedia (so it must be correct!) Robert Gair, born in Edinburgh in 1839 and moving to New York at the tender age of 14 years, went on to become the inventor of the Cardboard Box – little did Robert realise at the time what an impact his invention would have upon the world – not least in the business world – where one is often urged to ‘Think outside of the Box’!  At Move Forward we have been doing this since our inception and this has been one of our many strengths.

When we say we offer a tailor-made service – we mean just that – each client is an individual with their own special wants and needs and so we take time to get to know what makes them tick – we are then able to guide and support them during this important process.

Our first meeting with a new client is crucial, as it generally sets the tone for our relationship with them – we listen. learn and adapt – we impart our in-depth knowledge and offer guidance when appropriate, in order that the client can leave this meeting confident of the fact that we fully understand their brief.

Remember though, it is not all about the house by any means!  We often hear that Location Location Location is key – which it is – however, it but one of many keys to consider – the need for good schooling is often required – access to good road and rail links – rural versus urban – proximity to shops and local facilities……etc. etc. and it is our remit to source the right house – in the right location – at the right time……. and at the right price! 

Once a decision has been made on a property – we deal with all negotiations on behalf of our clients, liaising with the selling agent and the solicitors to ensure a smooth run from the offer being accepted through Exchange to Completion.  During this period our Moving Support Team are generally also involved with sourcing suitable removal companies and obtaining quotations, dealing with close down/setup of utilities and ensuring that the client has informed all relevant parties of their impending move.  On the actual day of the move,  our team will be there to ensure that all goes smoothly, that the beds are made and the Champagne is on ice! 

Due to our proactive and straightforward way of our Service Delivery, we are delighted to say that we find that our involvement with the majority of clients does not end on the day they Complete on their new home. We generally are asked to continue to work with them on various property related matters, project managing any works require on the property and sourcing all relevant professionals and trades.  We have a brilliant network of tried and tested people and companies, who always go that extra mile to support us and our clients.

We put our continued involvement with clients – often over many years – down to the fact that they have seen how we work, that what they see is what they get with us and that we are obviously good at what we do!

The geographical area we cover is from The Chilterns to The Cotswolds – and all the lovely places in between! However this border is very flexible and we are often travel further afield to carry out searches in Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Herefordshire and currently have a client looking for a small holding on the Welsh Marches.

Our clients come for all walks of life and all have different needs and budgets. One of the keys to our sucess is the fact that – apart from having a near obsessional interest in all thing property – we also like people and love being the catalyst that can turn can’ts into cans and dreams into plans….! 

If you, or someone you know, would like more details about our range of services, why not drop us an email.