Well – we are very nearly there and we are on schedule for finishing the final bits and pieces on a couple of renovation projects we have been working on for the last few months and on Thursday of last week we Completed on our final house purchase of 2017.

The AGA you see in our picture was in one of the  properties we have been working on and it started life in the traditional cream – this colour just would not have gone with the client’s fantastic new kitchen and neither it so happened did the colours available from AGA really hit the spot – we needed a slightly more subtle colourway – somewhere between the AGA pewter and pearl colours but with an underlying hint – just a hint of blue.  We managed, via our networks to source a company that could work with us and our client on creating our custom colour and carry out the specialist re-enamelling.  Once this was done and the parts returned in their new glory – Gavin – our tame AGA trained Service Engineer – came and refitted the AGA and the result is perfect.

Here at Move Forward, we have over the years, built up a fantastic network of people like Gavin, who are professionals in the trade or service they provide and this dovetails in so well with our sister company Solutions of Oxford (www.solutionsofoxford.co.uk)  and enables us to provide both company’s clients with a bespoke service in the confident knowledge that ‘our people’ are specialists in their trade or discipline and are reliable, trustworth, tried and tested. If, on the very rare occasions we have been let down by a contractor or service provider in any way at all – we just don’t work with them again – and also appraise them of the reason why!

We also try to work with locally based contractors wherever possible and although this is not always achievable when it comes to some specialisms perhaps – we generally manage to do so as we are keen to bring work and therefore economic development to the areas in which we work – and this is especially important in the more rural areas of our patch – and oh yes, despite being not that far from London – there are many rural areas between The Chilterns and The Cotswolds and in all the lovely places in between!

Random Rural Hens in Rural Oxfordshire!

Our clients whose purchase has just completed on a lovely 18th Century village house to the west of Oxford are not moving in until sometime in the late spring of 2018, as our architect is now in the process of getting the original planning permission amended, as the clients, on the day we completed, changed their minds as to what they actually require and this will need to be added to the original concept.   On the same day, they also decided, that they did not want to live in the property until all works are completed.  Fortunately, nothing fazes us and we have a great ability to think on our feet and so again using our networks – a lovely rental was sourced within 24 hours in a nearby village and the client will be moving in on 3rd January, with the assistance of the House Move Team at Solutions of Oxford…….

The other renovation we will be tying up any loose ends on this week has been on a much smaller scale than the house with the AGA Saga – here we have been sorting out a new laundry room and utility area from some former outhouses. and also incorporating a modern day ‘gardener’s bothy’ for use as storage and a rest area for the owners modern day gardener! – who has also been working closely with us on the creation of a courtyard garden to the front of this range of buildings. 

Yet again – as you see – every day is different for us here at Move Forward and variety is what we do!

We would like to take this opportunity of sending you

Best Wishes for a

Peaceful and Happy Christmas.