Lakes, Cider & Bees!

No - we have not moved house! BUT - there are lakes and lakes - we have Swan Lake, The Lake District, and here in Oxfordshire, we have the Lake at Blenheim Palace - see above - which was created by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown between 1768 - 1771 and dug out by hand (probably not his own!),  then filled by building a dam across the flow of the River Glyme. A few weeks ago we were also asked to find a lake - or rather a house with a lake - not a pond - but a lake.  Our client is from overseas and is in no hurry to buy and does not wish to take possession of anywhere until probably September 2018 - so we are able to take our time to source the right place, at the right time, at the right price - as this is our credo. [...]

November 30th, 2017|More Than Houses|

Success, Names and Numbers

Do you remember our clients Kate & Dan - we told you about them when we viewed the pristinely presented house in Summertown and the not so wonderfully presented house in Headington - well, guess what? - we have just Exchanged on the one in Headington at a stonkingly good price - and completion is next week!  Negotiations have been tough, as following a survey there were even more points up for discussion but we knew that the property was sound and so right for our clients and worth the odd cliff hanging moment or four!  Dan and Kate are very excited and glad that they listen and took our advise about seeing through the mess and dirt - as they will come out of this with a beautiful home at a reasonable price - Yes - there is a large amount of work to be done but this will [...]

November 17th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Blue Sky Thinking & Boxes!

There is a great deal more to moving house than moving house!  In our over 35 years experience of dealing with property, we have probably pretty well seen it all - and so as Move Forward is an innovative, forward thinking and flexible company - we have. as the years have gone by, changed and adapted our business model to take in the diverse needs, wants and trends of our client base in order that we continue to deliver a proactive and bespoke service. According to our dear friend Mr Wikipedia (so it must be correct!) Robert Gair, born in Edinburgh in 1839 and moving to New York at the tender age of 14 years, went on to become the inventor of the Cardboard Box - little did Robert realise at the time what an impact his invention would have upon the world - not least in the business world [...]

November 1st, 2017|What's it all about|
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